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Solid Oak Display plinths

60mm x 60mm Footprint

42mm x 42mm Display Area



60mm x 100mm Footprint

42mm x 82mm Display Area



75mm x 75mm Footprint

57mm x 57mm Display Area



75mm x 100mm Footprint

57mm x 82mm Display Area



75mm x 130mm Footprint

57mm x 112mm Display Area



100mm x 100mm Footprint

82mm x 82mm Display Area



100mm x 150mm Footprint

82mm x 132mm Display Area



100mm x 200mm Footprint

82mm x 182mm Display Area



100mm x 300mm Footprint

82mm x 282mm Display Area



150mm x 150mm Footprint

132mm x 132mm Display Area



150mm Diameter Footprint

132mm  Display Area